Stone Cold Steve Austin on The New WWE Tough Enough

We catch up with one of the biggest names in professional wrestling about his return as the host of "Tough Enough."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

During the '90s, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was pro wrestling. No other performer energized the fanbase the way Austin did for WWE, ushering in the "Attitude" era that propelled the company to new heights during its rivalry with WCW.

And although Austin retired from full time ring activity back in 2003, he remains one of the most popular wrestlers to ever step foot in a WWE ring. And now, Austin has come back to WWE as the host of "Tough Enough" on USA.
As the name suggests, "Tough Enough" is a reality show that brings together several men and women who believe that they have what it takes to be the next WWE Superstar. Under the tutelage of Booker T, Trish Stratus, Bill DeMott and even Austin himself, one contestant will be awarded a WWE contract.
During a recent visit to the set of "Tough Enough," Crave Online caught up with Austin to talk about the show and what it means to him.