Alyson Hannigan RSVPs for ‘American Reunion’

Oh, thank goodness. We were worried that Jim and Michelle had had an 'American Divorce.'

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Remember that American Pie 4 story from last month? The upcoming feature film American Reunion planned to reunite (oh, see what they did there?) the cast of the popular American Pie series but only had Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott attached so far. Not much of a reunion… and seriously, Chris Klein, what else are you doing right now?! Well anyway, another piece of the puzzle finally fell into place, with Alyson Hannigan officially signing on to reprise her role of flute enthusiast Michelle Levenstein, nee Flaherty. So says Deadline.

When last we saw the Levensteins they had just tied the proverbial knot and presumably traipsed off into a life of sexually adventurous wedded bliss. With news of Hannigan's casting comes the news that the Levensteins now have a child and that, once again, the story revolves around their relationship. Alyson Hannigan is a big TV star now – well, technically, she was a big TV star back when the first American Pie came out, but whatever – so she could have either derailed the project with her prior commitments, or at least forced the screenwriters to work around her character. "What, Michelle? Oh yeah, she's visiting her folks for the duration of the fil… I mean, reunion. She sends her regards though!"

Still no word on the rest of the cast, but seriously, Tara Reid, what the hell else are you doing?!

Crave Online will return with more American Reunion news if we can just find our invitation.