Admit you like this music!

Why is the music you like a secret?

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

I don’t understand why people can’t answer the question:  “What kind of music do you like?” For some reason the majority of people answer that question with “I like all kinds of music… except Country and Classical” or some variant on that genius response.  You’ve heard them all:

“I’m kinda into everything. “

“I have really eclectic tastes. “

“I mean I listen to so much. “

LIES! You DO have a favorite kind of music. You are INTO a kind of music. If you looked at your iTunes play-list there would be a notable winner if you weighed all the music types numerically. You like a kind of music, and for some reason you won’t admit it. Yet somehow now with a complete stranger, and in many cases a potential mate, you have basically lied, or at least lied by omission. Are so afraid to be judged by your music tastes? What could you possible like? The violin stylings of Hitler? Barbershop harmony?  Hanson?

Perhaps you have been enchanted with the romanticism of having eclectic music tastes. You are so bohemian, you’d like to suggest, that you travel through music like an explorer might travel through uncharted nations across the globe. You are worldly. You are inclusive. You are the United Nations Diplomat of music aficionados. WRONG! You are none of those things. You like Kings of Leon, and bands like Kings of Leon, and everything else is just one of many other songs or albums you also like, but is not YOUR music. Of course Kings of Leon, while statistically probable, may not be your band of choice, but you have one or at least some of their albums. 

Thanks for all the money! (is what they are thinking)

So, why is the average person so afraid to admit  a favorite kind of music? Sure, it might be only the winner by a small margin, You might have equally impressive second favorites, and 3rd favorites. You MIGHT even have some single tracks from some very disparate acts that really do it for you, but like everything else in which an opinion is asked for, you DO have one. So lets not start our budding friendship out on a lie and just say “Hip Hop” or whatever. I promise not to punch you. Unless you like Hanson.

There really isn’t anything else we do this with indecision.

“What’s your favorite color?”

“I like a lot of colors. I mean I SEE so many of them.”

“What football team to you pull for?”

“Well I like a lot of teams, just not teams from Texas, or pre-industrial age Europe…”

Nope, you pretty much accept that you like things in every other category. So why this? About the only thing I can think of where people refuse to settle on one thing is Food. Food, by the way, is another thing you have a FAVORITE of, even if it’s several favorites. Yet if you are asked “What kinda food do you feel like?” You tend to answer “Oh anything’s fine.” BUT IT’S NOT FINE. You know what I want to eat? Soft Boiled Poison! Now your lack of commitment has killed us all. If only you’d said “Pizza” like you were thinking we’d still be alive. You have favorite foods, and most of them have cheese in them. One of them is probably ice cream. Go ahead, tell everybody, get it off your chest. The information, not the ice cream.


Why won't you LOVE ME!

I should mention here that I like, and readily cop too liking, Ska music. I often meet people that have never  even heard of it. It’s not a normally available category on most music download sites, and its most recently famous break out stars have all pretty much sold out. In my mind two of the dirtiest words in the English language are “Gwen Stefani.” Of course, my CD collection ranges from Ska to Techno to Jazz to Hip Hop and splatterings of nearly everything else (except Hanson). But unless someone asks “What is the full width and breadth of your music collection” I just say: “I like Ska”. Even though I know most people will look at me like I just invented some crazy alien music to throw them off. Ska, however,  really exists, I tell you! Mighty Might Bosstones! Madness! This is a legitimate musical style! Why do you judge me!?

What I really don’t understand is why, more often than not, people who must like ALL music so often exclude Country, or Classical, or BOTH. Sometimes they replace Classical with Opera, but its all semantics. Why, out of all the amazingly diverse types of music, does Country get tossed under the bus. It’s as if one is suggesting you like all other types including: Klezmer, Tuvan Throat Singing, Death Metal, Mathcore, and Barbershop. You have all these things in your musical existence but you’ve never hummed the song “Achey Breaky Heart?” Whenever Johnny Cash comes on the radio, you turn it off? If you’re going to be non-committal,  let’s at least be inclusive. Oh, and Classical? You KNOW those guys woulda been rocking Dub Step if the technology existed. They were the best at what they did. So please… lets end the pogrom.


You wish you could quit this.