Priest – Scott Stewart and Paul Bettany

Director Scott Stewart and star Paul Bettany talk 3D, sequels and Vampire hunting. 

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Priest - Movie

The cast of Priest were at WonderCon to unveil an extended sequence from the film and a sizzle reel (Extended Priest Trailer). Afterwards Paul Bettany answered some questions about the badass poses he struck after killing vampires, and director Scott Stewart explained how he got from Min-Woo Hyung to Paul Bettany.


Priest imitates Priest imitates Priest:

Scott Stewart: It was something we had Min-Woo come out while we were in prep on the film and he had read the script. We had a translation of the script done and we had a lot of discussions about it. Min-Woo was inspired by what Cory Goodman had written in the script and we talked about it as basically the movie takes place in the future of the story of the last novel with Ivan Isaacs being the first priest and our priests being the descendents of that character. Min-Woo was inspired by that. He left that story as many of you know at book 16. He wrote a new story that essentially tells that story from the past, Ivan Isaacs to the present of our movie set in the future.


How to pose after you kill a vampire:

Paul Bettany: In reality, when you’re flying through the air and meeting a pillow halfway through the air that you’re stabbing, it’s hard. I’m also British clearly so I’m starting from a butch deficit. I need every bit of help I could get so I was scouring the graphic novels. Once you’re in that costume and you’re in the gym at four o’clock in the f*cking morning and you’re swinging through the air, you can make it land cool.

Scott Stewart: We did it many, many times. The poses are really important to us and the silhouettes and designs from the graphic novel were important. I wanted to get those images any way I could. Nobody draws a figure like Min-Woo and compositionally there was so much inspiration, it gave us a great head start. We designed the sequences so we storyboard everything.


All this bloodshed is PG-13:

Scott Stewart: There’s a person at the studio who’s job it is to liaise with the MPAA. She did a remarkable job at helping us keep the movie as intended as you see. We’re glad. We pretty much were able to keep all the picture that we wanted but you have to dial back the intensity, some of the sound effects. You have to trim frames and the blood gets a little darker. It’s not quite as red. Those kinds of things are ways to make it work but we have a responsibility.


Not just 3-D, but old school widescreen:

Scott Stewart: We actually shot good old fashioned film. We used lenses from the ‘70s. We shot anamorphic but a lot of the visual effects are rendered in stereo. The conversion process is something that takes time to really do it well. We think the results speak for themselves.


Sounds like the next Priest movie is a spin-off:

Scott Stewart: We’re in the works for some interesting stuff. Not exactly a 2. It’s a something else.


Paul Bettany remembers Priest:

Paul Bettany: Usually as an actor, you see a trailer cut together and so often it has nothing to do with the film that you made. This is the most representative of a film that I’ve ever been in that I’ve seen a trailer, it exactly represents the movie that we made and you’re going to see. So I’m so excited.