Duke Asks You to ‘Come Get Some’

New DNF trailer is full of babes, boobs and explosions. Manly stuff!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


2K Games and Gearbox have released the raunchiest Duke Nukem Forever trailer yet, full of aliens getting their heads kicked off, stripper flesh and things that go boom when you shoot them (Unfortunately, there's a serious lack of sharks). This is also the first trailer, that I’m aware of, that’s entirely NSFW. Remember when I referenced stripper flesh, oh, one sentence ago? Yup… you see the canned goods.

So keep that in mind before you fire up this puppy in your office as your boss walks behind you. That scenario will probably not end well. Or, if your boss is totally awesome, maybe he/she will join you for a good laugh, followed up by asking you when the game comes out.

To which you’ll reply, “June 14, 2011, you’re welcome.”