Old Tube New Tube : The Portland Edition

Welcome to Portland. Population: Tube

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

We’re switching things up this week as I visit the magical land of Razorblade City. While PDX maybe known for it’s free thinkers, liberals, and tall bikes a new media element seems a little lost in the Bridgetown haze.

But as I found my way around proof that new media, and youtube do exist came as I literally stumble over plans for a PDX foursquare day event hosted by ZZoomMedia

So this week a very special Portland based Old Tube New tube. I’m unleashing the Shackles of popularity and just showcasing a few interesting Portlandia residents.


Old Tube New Tube : The Portland Edition

This time on Old Tube New Tube – it's time for a City wide Tube Tour! Join me as I run around time finding some of Portland's weirdest, funniest, or just most talented on youtube.


If I was going to claim someone as the Queen of the city of Roses it would probably be this little lady with her 51,000 subscribers and nearly 4 million views. A quirky, perky, ginger vlogger with Canon 60D (which kind of makes me hate her just a little… out of mad tech jealousy)





We fight our way across Little Beirut to find a man with a little show and a little friend. Ironically the other night as I was stuffing my face at the Space Room Longue I saw NicSin (the little person in question) crossing the street with a hot goth babe entering the Portland Barfly Awards.





Stumptown is known not just for it’s rapid growth in the 1840’s which left a wake of tree stumps in it’s wake, but also a thriving art community. So I’d be remise to not include an artist among the mix. Enjoy this speed sketch of one of my favorite BSG Actresses.





While we’re on the subject of art, lets grab the Max to zoom across P-town to this resident animator with this short worthy of a king, of the jungle, er.. the space jungle.




Sam Proof is an LA based writer/director, founder of podpocalypse.com and executive producer of SamProof.tv. You may know him as Raz from Tim and Eric, or from his popular youtube channel or stickam show.

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