Old Tube New Tube : The Infomercial Edition

Are you sick and tired of watching videos that don’t make you laugh? Have you tried and tried but you just can’t find anything that works? Act now!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

If you’re like every other person out there, simple daily tasks and activities are just too hard, boiling an egg? making ice? Opening a door? Who could possibly do all these things. But now with our simple product you’ll soon be able to master everything!

That’s right folks, Infomercials are here to save you, and these clever youtubers have found that satirizing these annoying repetitive annoyances is a tried and true way to laughter and views.

This week I present to you

Old Tube New Tube : The Infomercial Edition

Act now while supplies last, and I'll throw in this extra text you're reading, right here! (it's amazing) 🙂

Old Tube : Jabo0odyDubs

Grab the clicker and head over to Jaboodydubs where the masters of dubbing, replace original tracks from commercials and other videos and replace them with their own Mystery Science Theater 3000 humor tracks.

In this first video Vince Offer’s Sham wow is certainly something to be wow’d about


But the real winner here with over 6 Million views is this master of infomercials, RIP BM, Billy May’s himself with this simple yet amazingly life saving, time save, tile saving invention – Silly Putty! I mean Mighty Putty, mighty… ooops.


New Tube: jimharmonprods aka Angry Pickle Productions

Angry Pickle teams up Jim Harmon and Andy Harris and they too have a parody of the infamous Slap Chop master – Vince ‘Shamwow,  punch a ho’ Offer. First off, this guys last name is Offer?! I call bulls%*t

While the guys aren’t solely based in parody, they do have a bunch of it. Including a series of video teaser trailers for Twilight new Moon. However a personal favorite of mine would have to be this video that’s simply about a man trying to do something special for his girlfriend on a special day.

The Stats



Channel Views: 3,966,971

Total Upload Views: 50,093,173

Subscribers: 157,409                      



Channel Views: 2,707

Total Upload Views: 106,180

Subscribers: 81


Bonus Video: You may have already seen this video from my recent article ‘Edward Cullen is NOT a Vampire’ – but grab a gander of yours truly in a short Twilight Parody from the Angry pickle gang (man does that sound like a gay movie waiting to happen)


and remember ‘Watch out for that shirtless wolfboy!’


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