May Gaming Guide

A light month for gaming highlighted by L.A. Noire.

Erik Norris & Joey Davidsonby Erik Norris & Joey Davidson


Apparently, companies have learned from previous companies’ mistakes: don’t release your game alongside a Rockstar effort. Due to the release of L.A. Noire, most developers and publishers are holding off till June and beyond to release their games. However, that doesn’t mean May has nothing to offer those not interested in Rockstar and Team Bondi’s crime thriller. It’s just that the pool is rather shallow. But if you need your gaming fix for May, here are our five most anticipated titles for your consumption. 



Developer: Bethesda Software

System: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Release Date: 5/10/2011

Brink is a game we got to check out at PAX East this past March. What we played we really enjoyed. The game is a first-person shooter that combines class-based gameplay with light parkour elements to give it it’s own distinct flavor in a crowded room of FPSs. What’s also unique about Brink is that single player and multiplayer are one in the same. There is no switching between the two. Therefore, players can enjoy the game solo, or jump online and play multiplayer while still getting a cinematic story full of cutscenes before each match.

Like we mentioned previously, May is a light month. Brink seems like the safest bet outside L.A. Noire. If you’re a fan of stylized first-person shooters that aren’t afraid to try something different, Brink is a good option this month. 

Virtua Tennis 4


Developer: Sega

System: Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii

Release Date: 5/10/2011

Virtua Tennis absolutely ruled my college career. My roommates and I played the game regularly, holding mini-tournaments at a consistent pace in order to figure out which unlucky bastard was bound to buy the next batch of booze for our weekend house parties. Suffice it to say, my Virtua Tennis experience as decreased dramatically since the original.

Now, Sega is looking to rekindle some of that glorious tennis magic with yet another sequel in the popular franchise. When I say popular, I mean it with a hint of sarcasm seeing that Top Spin has been absolutely dominating the small tennis scene for the current console generation. Still, Virtua Tennis is known for its simplistic approach, great look and glorious mini-games. Hopefully, those will be retained and improved upon for this release.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean


Developer: Traveller’s Tales

System: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, 3DS and PC

Release Date: 5/10/2011

LEGO games. People effing love them. The formula is simple: grab fancy movie franchise with tons of followers, slap cutesy LEGO jokes and characteristics on top of key movie moments, add in an epic amount of destruction and collection and reap the rewards.

LEGO Pirates looks to take advantage of a new lust for Jack Sparrow and his ever-daring adventures as the fourth movie makes its cinematic debut this spring. Still the LEGO gaming franchise is known for strong showings in quality and playability, so lovers of either the series of the Pirates flicks will do well to give this one a go.

L.A. Noire


Developer: Rockstar/Team Bondi

System: Xbox 360, PS3

Release Date: 5/17/2011

Welcome to another of the most hyped and hotly anticipated titles of 2011. Rockstar and Team Bondi have stepped up to create a game potentially worthy of following in the footsteps of the multiple Game of the Year award winner, Red Dead Redemption.


Players will take on the role of Cole Phelps, a veteran turned cop in 1947 Los Angeles. The city in this time period saw a string of terrible murders, violence and larceny. As Phelps, gamers will have to work there way through several desks in the LAPD as they move from traffic to details like homicide and vice. Rockstar and Team Bondi are taking a large risk by dropping a lot of the open world freedom their smash hits are known for in favor of a more dramatic, performance-based crime solver. We here at Crave hope it’s nothing short of astounding.

Dirt 3


Developer: Codemasters

System: Xbox 360, PS3

Release Date: 5/24/2011

The next game in the Dirt franchise releases this month. Last year’s effort was pretty stellar, with a fantastic presentation that made you feel like you were part of the rally scene. And guess what, the racing wasn’t too shabby either, delivering an authentic representation of the dirty motorsport.

The real question, however, is if Dirt 3 can stand toe to toe with all the other racing titles currently on the market, a lot of which now offer a rally option. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out when you’re a niche sub-genre stacked against what equates to Wal-marts of the racing genre. So, why spend $60 on a game that only offers up one dish when you can pay the same amount for a buffet? For fans of the rally racing genre, that’s probably a moronic question not worth weighing. For everyone else, we say keep an eye on Dirt 3 to see if the game’s specialty dish really starts blowing people away.