“Dark Knight Returns” Sets New Comic Art Auction Record

The original art from Frank Miller and Klaus Janson featuring the iconic splash page in The Dark Knight Returns set a record for the most valuable piece of comic art ever.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

The Dark Knight Returns

It's no secret to anybody who knows anything about comics that The Dark Knight Returns helped revolutionize the industry in 1986 and redefine what the medium was artistically capable of.  That's why one of the most iconic images from that book, from artists Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, just set an auction record for the most valuable piece of original American comic book art ever to sell.

Over at Heritage Auctions, this piece featuring the elder Batman and his new Robin (the first female Robin, don't you know) actually went for $448,125 to "an anonymous collector."  We can only hope this means that Nicolas Cage has recovered enough from his money woes to start spending obscenely large amounts of money on comic sketches.  

Miller himself is even thrilled with the image.  "I've always loved that drawing,” he said before the sale. “Danced around my studio like a fool when I drew it. I hope it finds a good home."

Miller's original art for the cover of Daredevil #188 went last year for $101,575, and the previous record-holder was a piece by Frank Frazetta for the cover of EC Comics' Weird Fantasy #29, which went for $380,000.


The Dark Knight Returns