“Almost Heroes” And “Single White Spenny” Premieres On Showcase

Two new comedies are added to the schedule.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Looking for a couple of new comedies to tickle your funny bone during primetime? Look no further than Showcase – the network is launching "Almost Heroes" and "Single White Spenny" as well as bringing back some old faves.

"Almost Heroes"is a fast-paced, single-camera comedy about coming home again… when home is the last place you ever thought you’d end up. The debut show will kick off the summer schedule for Showcase. The lead role is being played by Paul Campbell (from "Battlestar Galalctica" and "Knight Rider"), who returns home after hearing of his father’s death to try and help his younger brother Peter (played by Ryan Belleville, who's appeared in "Finn on the Fly" and "Life on a Stick") tie up loose ends and hopefully sell the family business: a comic book store called the Silver Salmon.

Meanwhile "Single White Spenny" is a brand new coming-of-age series; unfortunately, Spenny is 36 years old. The show follows the dating misadventures and the unique universe of its lovable star and co-creator, Spencer Rice (of "Kenny vs. Spenny" fame), who loosely based the series on his own life. Also on the show are Debra McGrath ("Little Mosque" and " The Ron James Show"), Nikki Payne ("Comedy Inc."), Dana Puddicombe ("Republic of Doyle"), and Mark Breslin.

The two shows are original Canadian series.

"Almost Heroes" begins on Thursday, June 2 at 9pm, while "Single White Spenny" follows at 9:30pm, only on Showcase (they'll both be followed by Larry David's hilarious "Curb Your Enthusiasm," which is celebrating its eighth season).