The People’s Viral Voice – Your test results are in.

We’re tapping in to the voice of the internet – turn your head and cough please.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

I’ve sat by and tried to write some serious comedy pieces in the past, only to see them fail to get as many views as a piece titled “Top 5 Things to Do Now That Wonder Woman Has Pants”

And that’s fine, Hi brow isn’t for everybody, especially on the internet where Pants is probably why that previous article was so popular… Or possibly the lack of pants.

Anyway, I’ve challenged the internet. I’ve gone live on and I’m asking YOU to show me the funniest things on the internet. We’ll consider this a people’s poll of popular properties online. Or as I like to call it ‘People’s Viral Voice’ which sounds like strep throat. Which is what you’re all going to get it you keep “playing with it”… you heard!

My hope is to make this a reoccurring article, featuring your suggestions. To participate you’ll need to follow me on twitter and possibly stickam to join in the nightly live chat (weekdays midnight to 2am PST).

In the future I think I see this as a way to get a popular opinion on a theme. I’ll tweet and blog a topic at the beginning of the week and people can feel free to send relevant links, jokes, thoughts, videos, pictures, etc. I’ll compile my favorites to make a article for crave. Follow me on twitter and reply with the hashtag #SPVV


Here's a head start my next topic (inspired by the dislike button scam) is simply : Facebook

This first time, was an experiment without any notion of using a theme to make thing easy on myself. So It was a slow start to get people in to it but soon enough they took to it.

Pablo123 started things off with  :!/Jesus_M_Christ

Except I was meet not by the messiah, but the failure:

Pablo copy/pasted this epic tweet from the account: “Jesus_M_Christ Jesus Christ SPOILER ALERT! – I'm coming back.XD” and then people offered up some other funny accounts. Jackassjohn offered up!/LordVoldemort7 and!/StephenAtHome. Sadly my attempts to research these twitter master was met with more failure or fail whailure.

tomgreen99 (John)  joined the room epically:

until we realized everyone's name was john.

The discussion moved along pretty fast, and I was called away by a phone call, and instant message and when I got back there was a link that a clicked with one eye open. I was relived to find the link was to Jon La Joie’s ‘Everyday Normal Guy’ which I consider one of the top staples of original music comedy viral videos on the web.


Enjoy this

I’d like to give my co-conspirators and effectively co-writers of this article a shout out.

In order of appearance:Pablo123  –  jackassjohn –  tomgreen99


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