Sh*t You’ll Love #1

We know what you want, and now we're gonna' give it to you. Period.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Sometimes you’re just so busy being awesome that you forget to take the time to stop and admire the things that make life so god damn fantastic. I sympathize with you, honestly. If I were as awesome as you then I doubt I’d have any spare time either. Thankfully you’ve got CraveOnline in your life, and we’re here to ensure that you aren’t missing out on anything. Welcome to the first edition of Shit you’ll Love.


Your Life in a Java Game

‘And everything started to fall’ is a quirky, ultimately depressing little game that takes you on an adventure through your own life. Starting off as a pants-shitter, you platform your way through adolescence and adulthood before finally laying to rest six feet underground. An intriguing little gem for all of you deep-thinkers out there.  Click here to check it out!  For everyone else, scroll down to see boobies.



You’re welcome.


Post-Apocalyptic World IRL

If you’re unreasonably stupid, you’ll find this video completely irrelevant as you’ve already prepared yourself for the real apocalypse on May 21st. For everyone else, here’s video maker Ransom Riggs’ (if that is his real name, then his parents deserve a thunderous round of applause) journey to the Salton Sea, a tremendously creepy wasteland that time forgot. The only thing missing is Super Mutants and oversized Bloatflies.  Trust me, it's worth checking out.


Be a Cowboy

If you found yourself playing Red Dead and thinking “this is cool and everything, but it needs more point ‘n’ click”, then boy have I got the perfect game for you. Armed with only your mouse and your quick fingers go through 9 Rounds of increasingly difficult shoot-outs, in what is essentially a test to see how much smoking pot has affected your reaction time.  Give it a try.


(Another) Hipster Parody

SadAndUseless pokes fun at pretentious hipster photographs. We all laugh. We’re such conformists.

There are so many more to enjoy.


The Internet Reads your Mind

You may or may not have heard of the Akinator, but as I have only recently discovered it I thought it was worth sharing. Think of any character, real or fictional, and the Akinator will guess exactly who you are thinking of. It’s infuriatingly good and as you slowly start to believe that your computer can actually see your thoughts, it also brings you to the worrying conclusion that what you are experiencing isn’t just a silly little internet game; it is the humble beginnings of Skynet.  See for yourself.


Good for You!

A young little goofball can’t emphasize enough just how much he enjoys life. The comments seem to believe that he’s the subject of inbreeding, but if I had a kid half as happy as this little guy I’d feel satisfied with my parenting skills.  See if it cheers you up.



The Adventures of Superbaby is a fun if slightly disturbing blog that is centred around two parents taking humorous photographs of their sprog;

“Being able to combine Superbaby’s expressions with an adventurescape and humourous background story has been so much fun for us, that we’d love to share our slice of life with others parents, photography enthusiasts, and those just wanting a laugh.”

Other than being adorable babies are generally quite useless, so making them pose for awesome photographs is a good way of getting your money’s worth out of them.

You don't want to miss out on this.


The Worlds Hardest Riddle

Hopefully you haven’t got anything else going on tonight, because this is what you’ll be spending the next 4 hours trying to figure out. Oh, and don’t you dare search for a walkthrough on YouTube. Pussy.

Test your luck.


Header Image Courtesy of:  SadAndUseless