Four Cheap Airfare Shopping Tips

Why pay more when you can fly for less.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Shopping for low cost air tickets can be an aggravating experience. With rapidly rising and decreasing ticket prices and pressure deadlines, over paying by $200 is a real possibility.


Here are 4 tips to secure low cost airfare and perks.


Buy your tickets on a Tuesday, fly out on a Wednesday

Historical data shows that Tuesday at 3 pm is the best time to purchase tickets. The cheapest time to fly is on a red eye flight Tuesday night into Wednesday, with the next best times during evening hours. As a rule of thumb, times where people areleast likely to fly is where you could secure the best deal.


Don't rely on so much

It is a common misconception that offers the best fares because they start out with the lowest priced first on their sorting order, offering an illusion of a good deal. Don't think you'll find the same fares on the major travel agent sites. Different sites like Orbitz and Expedia work different deals with different carriers, so it makes sense to compare both.


Take advantage of flexible travel dates

Leaving a day or two earlier, later, or both can save you hundreds of dollars. Bing Travel, Kayak, and Travelocity are examples of online travel agent sites offering flexible search.  You will find even more of a steal for international flights. Take advantage of fare alert services informing you of low fares.


Use Bing Travel more often

Bing Travel has an accurate fare estimator, which is an algorithm that predicts the rise or drop in fares based on historical behavior. It can recommend whether to purchase now or wait. Our suggestion is to monitor one or two fares and Bing's predictor before you feel comfortable diving in. Remember, use Bing Travel in conjunction with Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and the airfares own websites to compare most effectively.