SamProof’s Comment of the Week : Christians

The Worst thing about Christianity all the damn Christians.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

I’m gonna make a leap of faith that, if you’re on crave, and you’re reading this you may lean toward a more open stance on what may or may not. I’m guessing you’re not busy running around packing up for the end of the world this Saturday, and you could probably give two craps about some 30 year old guy putting on a Jesus robe (unless he’s personally asking your for your time, then I’m guessing you’d shy away).

I’m also guessing you’re probably younger than the 44 year old jack ass who left this gem of a comment on my latest video, in which I don the magical white robe and  prance around like a lunatic (which this commenter immediately sounds like).

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As a video creator, it often gets hard to not leave my own flaming infantile response, of which I have many:
  • @BudPeters44 That's how comedy works, I'm not afraid of making myself look stupid. But apparently neither are you.
  • @BudPeters44 so what you’re really saying is…. Jesus looks like Charles Manson? Or they’re same person?
  • @BudPeters44 nice trolling, did you learn that from your troll god? (little g, I know.. how Gosh, right?)
  • @BudPeters44 Eat a d*ck.

But I repent, and erased all those before I could hit the save button.

Instead I sucked it up, and decided to do nothing. Then I decided “F that, I’m going to write an article on crave”

So I did that, and now I’m here and I’m wondering, what you my readers think about all this?

Obviously based on this man’s confused, he’s never heard that “you get more bees with honey”… though honestly I’d be willing to ship him some bees right now if I could make sure they were mighty angry and there was a camera set up to record the stinging. Oh glorious, glorious stinging 😀


Consider this a rant, or a venting, or a ventilation shaft. In which he gets that shaft as I’d like to welcome, if not even encourage YOU to seek out @BudPeters44 comment in my latest video and tell him how you feel about his comment.


Thank you and good night

-Sam Proof – craving vengeance since 1973


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