The Big List: Norm! Norm! Norm! (Macdonald)

We examine rare performances from one of comedy's most enduring nutcases.

Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

Norm Macdonald's recent return to the national stage marks the end of a dark, Norm-less time for America. Between his constant tweeting and his new weekly sports show, he's planted his foot firmly on the throat of America's attention span's neck. And if you think that metaphor's confusing, you're right, and I'm sorry. But I'm NOT sorry about these great clips!


Norm Can’t Stop Interrupting Conan’s Interview

This clip is widely believed to be the funniest Norm Madonald moment on television by people who I'm making up to agree with me. They also say I'm handsome.


Norm Macdonald Embraces Pokémon

You haven't seen someone throw a Pokéball until you've seen Norm Macdonald throw a Pokéball.


Norm Macdonald Roasts Bill Clinton

I know this sounds like a bad SNL sketch, but it actually happened, and was very awkward. 


Howard Stern’s Hour Long Interview With Norm Macdonald

Sadly, at no point does Norm ride "The Sybian," and by sadly I mean happily.


Norm Macdonald Sketch: Tex Hooper

If you didn't know Norm Macdonald released an album of sketch comedy, then congratulations, you're every person ever.


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