McTiVia – Review

We look at the MCTiVia, a device that will easily bring your computer to your HD television without wires.

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mctivia rear

In the increasing landscape of smart phones, HDTVs, and computers, along comes the McTiVia, designed to wirelessly stream your computer screen to your HDMI-equipped TV of choice.

The concept is genius, as once you hook-up the McTiVia and install the small software package, you are on your way to beaming your computer screen straight to your TV with very little fuss.

Receiving the product first-hand, it is impressive to see that the device is compact, yet very solid in construction. No cheap plastic here. Rather, the encasement is a combination of steel and dense plastic.

In terms of connectivity, the McTiVia is equipped with Ethernet, if you find that your wireless B,G, or N speeds aren't adequate enough. Also equipped is a USB port for peripherals, a required AC power input, and the obvious HDMI out for connecting to your TV.

We tested the device in our office and found that the McTiVia connected to our LCD TV without any hitches whatsoever. Sound is even sent over to your TV, through the use of the SoundFlower software utility (Mac). The connectivity between the computers and TV is handled through some light-weight software developed by McTiVia and is unobtrusive. One nice thing about the software, is that it returns all your settings back to your personal defaults, once you quit or close the app.

If you are annoyed with adapters or cables, I would suggest looking into the McTiVia, as a solution to beam your computer screen through the air, amongst other uses that you may think of later down the line. Appropriately, the McTiVia has won Macworld Best of Show this year.

Check out the video demo below, courtesy of Insanely Great Mac.

For more information and pricing visit the official McTiVia website.