NHL 12’s New Features Unveiled

Interfere with goaltenders, play in the Winter Classic.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

NHL 12

EA Sports just sent us a press release containing a list of new gameplay features for NHL 12, which is due out this September. NHL 10 and NHL 11 were both banner years for the franchise that delivered new ways to play video hockey, does this feature list stack up?

We're looking at a few new additions to the franchise, ones that will certainly push the NHL series even closer to realistic play.

First, concerning presentation, from the press release:

All new gameplay presentation creates an authentic, fresh new look and feel throughout NHL 12 with presentation graphics that mimic real life hockey broadcasts. For the first time ever lace up outdoors under the lights in one of the biggest hockey events of the season, the 2011 NHL Winter Classic® at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, within seconds of putting in the disc. Inspired by the NHL GameCenter Ice Tracker, the all-new EA SPORTS Action Tracker presents game highlights and key moments so you never miss a beat.

Moreover, players will finally be able to tangle with goalies and their nets. Goalie interference is a big deal in the NHL, oftentimes games are won and lost entirely in and around the crease. This year, players will be able to skate into goalies, knock them over, cause them unrest; all of that is, of course, illegal… if it's noticed by the refs. You'll even be able to knock the net off of its moorings.

And once those goalies are good and cranky after being run on all game, players will be able to initiate netminder fights. God help us, this one's going to get annoying really fast in online play. Still, I know I'd love to see DiPietro crumble at the hands of Brent Johnson one more time.

The other features announced include a revamped Be A Pro mode, a Full Contact Physics Engine and more dynamic goalies. You can be sure that more news will come of all that's being tweaked and added to NHL 12 in the coming months.

When that happens, we'll be all over it.