Download Portal 2 Soundtrack For Free

Now THIS is music you can dance to. Kind of.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Admit it, you absolutely loved everything about Portal 2. In fact, now that you’ve bested GLaDOS in single player and repeatedly murdered your robotic partner in co-op, you’re looking for more Portal-related things to fill that void left in your soul. Well, Valve has your back, as they’ve released “Part 1” of the Portal 2 soundtrack, entitled “Songs to Test By,” for free.

That’s correct, you can download the entire first volume of the Portal 2 soundtrack, which carries over 15 tracks, for free from Valve’s official blog. In addition to the soundtrack, Valve has also provided six different ringtones for download for either the iPhone or Android devices. Sweet, sweet "Turret Wife Serenade."

I’ve listened to a good deal of the soundtrack thus far and it’s quite spectacular, if you like synthesized, robotic techno blowing up your ear drums. You know we love it because we can dance like this to it.

So what are you waiting for? Portal 2. Soundtrack. Free. That should be all you have to hear.

Download Portal 2’s official soundtrack here!