Mike Brown To Coach Lakers

But is he the right fit?

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

As expected for the last couple of days, the Los Angeles Lakers have made official the hiring of former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown to a four year, $18.5 million dollar contract to be the next coach of the Lakers. He has huge shoes to fill in replacing perhaps the greatest coach to ever step on the hardwood, Phil Jackson, but the real question is whether he is the right guy for the job.

Being a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, I have had the opportunity to experience the coaching ability of Mike Brown first hand for quite a number of years and I have to say that I am less than impressed with what I saw. While his character and defensive background is not something to be questioned, his inability at the offensive end and his lack of poise in clutch situations leaves me in doubt about his championship potential.

Brown does have experience with superstars at the level that Los Angeles has but make no mistake about it, when he ran the Cavaliers, it was LeBron's team and Mike was not much more than a glorified yes man. He couldn't stand up to James and his crew and it showed in many, many moments of frustration and friction off the court between the two.

Age may have mitigated his lack of testicular fortitude when dealing with franchise players but then again, it may have not, and when you will be dealing with the top player in the league who even at his best, wasn't the greatest when it came to coach-player relationships, then there is a recipe for disaster just waiting to unfold.

Mike Brown is a good man and a good coach but to coach in Los Angeles, after Phil Jackson, you have to be either great or your just that rebound date that gets a little action before being tossed aside for the real deal.

Three guess as to which I think Brown is.

Life is full of surprises and I've never claimed to be a smart man so quite possibly Mike Brown could be that breath of new life that will reinvigorate a very complacent Lakers team back into a top contender again, especially if they can manage to snag Dwight Howard out from Orlando. Maybe the establish offensive abilities will mesh perfectly with his firm defensive philosophies and the Lakers will be better than ever because of it.

I doubt it, but you never know.

For now though, let me congratulate Mike Brown for this coup of a hire and wish him nothing but the best and if manages to stop the Miami Heat from winning a ring or two in the coming years, that would be just super.

(Yep, I'm a Hater).

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