OK to be Takei

It’s OK to be Takei, but why is the World scared of Gay?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Last week former Star Trek actor and all-around national treasure George Takei posted a video in response to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill passed by the Tennessee state, which prohibited teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classroom. In the video Takei proposed that the inhabitants of Tennessee should replace the word ‘gay’ with ‘Takei’ in order to avoid controversy;

“Any time you need to use the word gay, you can simply say, Takei! For example, you could safely say that you are in support of ‘Takei marriage’. If you’re in a more festive mood, you could march in a ‘Takei Pride Parade’.”

“It’s OK to be Takei” started trending and Takei began selling merchandise to aid his cause, the proceeds of which are all going to charity (a link shall be included at the bottom of this article for those interested). The bill’s sponsor, Knoxville Republican Mr Stacey Campfield, claimed in an interview with CNN that the bill is not anti-gay and is in actuality “neutral”;

“My bill is neutral. It doesn’t say anybody can speak for it or against it. So, I’m sure people wouldn’t want someone coming out and saying, you know, there are some people who say, you know, we should be preaching against it and saying it’s evil, dirty and wrong, or some people say hey, it’s a great, wonderful thing.”

Regardless of whether or not this is an incredibly stupid and ignorant statement (it is), it’s far less harmful than if Campfield were to, say, compare homosexuality to bestiality. Oh wait. He did. Back in 2009 he was quoted as saying “If I want to talk about the bestiality movement, do you think we should be teaching that?”

Just think about that for a second. Stacey Campfield, who has just had a bill passed by the government, is saying that ‘choosing’ to be gay (he was also quoted as saying that homosexuality was a “learned behaviour”) is no different than fucking your pet dog. This sort of mindset is being actively encouraged in the year 2011. Where’s a decent Rapture when you need one?

As a white, heterosexual, atheist male there aren’t a lot of things that the right-wingers can bully me with. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever be referred to using the ‘N’ word, there are no redneck protesters standing outside my house with signs detailing how much God hates me, and when I walk through airport security it’s rare that they suspect me of hiding a bomb in my underwear (unless I’ve coincidentally decided to wear my burqa on that particular day).

Even though I can’t find myself to be personally offended by the volcanic verbal diarrhoea that dribbles out of these moron’s mouths, I can be offended be the level of stupidity that is being advocated by those in power in the 21st century. One man standing alone atop a hill and preaching hate is sad and pathetic; a senate approving that man’s vitriol is a national crisis.

As Mr. Takei himself says in the video, it’s unreasonable for Stacey Campfield to believe that prohibiting teachers from referring to homosexuality is going to make the homosexuals go away, just as it is unreasonable for me to believe that Campfield is doing this due to the inferiority complex that was born the day his parents named him “Stacey”. Homosexuality is as much of a sexual orientation as heterosexuality, the only difference being that it’s probably a lot easier to get laid.  

Although homophobia is oftentimes fuelled by strong religious beliefs, I think that it’s about time we let God in all his/her forms take second place behind logic and reasoning. If God Hates Fags, but God made fags, God therefore must have a little fag in him, too.

Continue your pursuit of reasonable thought here; http://www.itsoktobetakei.com/


Photo Courtesy of:  Vince Maher/WENN.com