Sam’s Tech Predictions for June

  Has Science Finally learned from the marketing strategies of the internet, making content (discoveries) based on topical events, live Movie releases?!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Last week Pirates of the Caribbean : Stranger tides opened in theaters. Today I woke up to see Blackbeard was trending on google. At first I thought it must simply be movie related, but upon further investigation I found out this was not the case.

In fact Blackbeard’s sunken ship, thought to be the Queen Anne’s Revenge had long since been found off the coast of North Carolina, and today they literally raised anchor. Not to worry folks a ghost ship is NOT cruising the US east coast. No need to notify Scooby and the Gang there will be no rubber masks to be yanked off of trick laden criminals.

The only mystery to be solved here is when exactly did science and Archeologists start timing their discoveries based on movie releases?!

Based on this knowledge I have ten predictions on the next scientific discoveries we can expect to come!


June 24th Self Driving Cars!

I mean Google already has this tech in action, but who knew we would start to see consumer models this early! Just in time for the movie release of Cars 2 with Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable, this sci fi reality is going to make traffic a breeze. And even if it’s still in existence, you can just sit back, take your hands off the wheel and put your hands on your… um.. stick shift.. for some good old fanshioned time killing.


June 29th Get your own Transformer – The Real Life Mech!

I know, they just unleash the self driving car and you’re like “transportation can’t get any better”, and maybe this isn’t a car that turns in to a robot, but it’s a giant robot that you can pilot! Forget about traffic slowing you down – CRUSH IT! GE’s been working on one of these babies for sometime (like 1969), and now I predict it’s time to roll up to the drive-in… er walk-in … um… Crush-in movie theater just in time to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


These are my predictions for the month of June, eat your heart out Nostradamus I’m on to you! I’m off to eat a spoonful of nutmeg, and download the a bit torrent for ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz  (and Justin Timberlake’s in it too)… cause I’ve got one last prediction for you.. quality time with my… um.. stickshift.


Oh yea one more – based on the very soon to be Releases X-Men First Class with January Jones.. and who cares who else she’s hot.

My Prediction : LASER BOOBS!