5 Bosses You Want To Kill But Can’t

Ready. Set. Throw controller.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


While most normal people are outside enjoying cookouts and beer on Memorial Day, I’m inside spending some quality time with Mortal Kombat (Don’t judge me!). It’s been a while since I’ve played the game, so I figured I would fire it up and go about saving Earth Realm once again through the game’s ladder tournament. I quickly made my way from tier to tier, ripping apart the likes of Mileena, Kano, Quan Chi and the rest, but when I reached Shao Kahn at the very top, I hit a brick wall. I just could not beat him, constantly being bested by his slew of cheap attacks, his laughter getting further under my skin after every lost round. In my frustration, my mind started to wander and think about other boss fights that are lessons in irritation. I share five of them with you now.