How We’re Covering E3 2011

What’s so great about Crave’s coverage?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

E3 2010

We’re going to E3 this year with the clear and concise goal of separating ourselves from the pack. We know that every halfway decent site around the net has access to the show floor and the ability to crank out previews, interviews and stories at just as strong a pace as we do. So Erik and I (Joey) sat down and tried to figure a way to best please you folks with the way we cover the show.

Plain and simple, our previews are going to be different.

You can go to just about any gaming site out there to find the same, run-of-the-mill preview coverage during and after the week of E3 in L.A.. We’ve done it the same way at all of the events that we’ve attended before this. Hell, it’s the way previews are just done in this business. We write about the demo itself, the controls, the graphics, the mechanics, the sound, release dates and the gameplay. Now?

Well, you’ll still get some of that stuff. However, we intend to focus on the pivotal point that sells a game. Rather than drone on and on about facts and stats that you’ll be able to read in a million other places, we plan to ask questions that force our presenters to focus on what makes their game so special. And then we’ll bring that piece of the puzzle to you, our readers.

You want an example?!? Fine.

Last year at PAX East, Erik covered Red Dead Redemption for Crave. Not to insult my good buddy, but he went about it in a rather traditional way. He talked about aesthetics, gunplay, horse physics and the like. Under our new model, maybe he would have talked specifically about the music. Or maybe he would have highlighted exactly how gorgeous the sunsets are. Or maybe he would have decided to spend the entire preview complaining about the close quarters shooting.

The point is, he wouldn’t have spent the coverage running down the checklist of game features. He might have hit some of them in conversation, absolutely, but he wouldn’t have done it in a formulaic way.

And that brings me to the most important part about this year’s show for we want to have fun. We want to bring you guys the fun. We’re gonna take stupid pictures, write up a few silly stories and cover the host of games we’re seeing in unique ways.

Erik will be running our itinerary as a feature later this week so you can see which games we’re covering (all of the major ones, promise) and when the content should hit.

Strap in, this show is going to be nuts.

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