PlayStation Store Open for Business

The e-shop reopens with a slew of new content made available.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


It’s official, Sony has finally opened the doors to the PlayStation Store, reports the official PlayStation Blog. You are now able to get online and shop to your heart’s content.

With the reopening comes a slew of new downloadable content on the service for you to snatch up. Sony is working hard to catch their service up with multiple updates per week, starting today with the service’s relaunch. The official PS Blog has the skinny on all the new content that ranges from demos, to themes and avatar items, to DLC, to full games. The list is honestly too long to repaste here. The next update will come on June 3, right before E3 gets underway. Sony also has plans for “special publishes” during the week of E3, which is next week for those keeping track.

The only thing that isn’t live yet is the “Welcome Back” program content. That means that you can’t hop on the PS Store and snag your free copy of LittleBigPlanet or InFamous. Apparently, this content is still going through the final phases of testing, but should be available soon, says Sony.