GAME OF THRONES Episode 8 Preview Scene

Tyrion Lannister verbally spars with Bron in a new clip from this week's episode. Meanwhile, Ned's children attempt to escape King's Landing.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

On last week's "Game of Thrones," the Lannisters made their move and seized the Iron Throne following the death of King Robert. And when Ned attempted to prevent the coronation of "King" Joffrey, he was betrayed and captured by one of his closest allies in King's Landing.
Our favorite character, the Imp, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) was missing in action last week, he returns in this new clip from HBO in which Tyrion convinces his companion Bronn (Jerome Flynn) that it may be a good idea to keep him around. 


As the season is winding down, HBO seems to be withholding extra clips this week. But the network has released the synopis for the eighth episode, "The Pointy End," which is written by the original "Game of Thrones" novelist, George R.R. Martin!
In the aftermath of Nedʼs capture, Syrio and Arya face off against Lannister guards, while Cersei manipulates Sansa to her own ends. Robb rallies his fatherʼs northern allies against Tywin Lannister and heads south to war. Tyrion forms an uneasy alliance with the hill tribes and reunites with his father. Jon lashes out at Ser Alliser Thorne and battles a mysterious attacker from beyond the Wall. Dany is forced to reconcile her desire to conquer Westeros with Drogoʼs savagery after the Dothraki raid a peaceful village.
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