Froch vs. Johnson Recap

Carl Froch leaves the ring with a victory.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

In a superb war that took place on Saturday night, Super Middleweight champ,  Carl "The Cobra" Froch took on one of boxing's most beloved journeymen , Glen Johnson in the semi-finals of the Super Middleweight Super Six tournament. Froch is coming off an impressive win over the brutish Arthur Abraham which saw Froch execute an almost perfect strategy on his was to a 12 round UD. Not to be out done, the 42-year old Johnson disposed of hard-hitting Allen Green with a 8th round knockout last June that solidified his spot in the semi-finals.

The first two rounds saw both men coming out behind their jabs, feeling each other out very cautiously. Johnson picked off Froch's shots with his high guard as Froch slipped and moved each of Johnson's attempts. In the third, the promised war began to take shape as both men took more chances and opened up. Froch threw a awkward uppercut that Johnson countered with a hard left hook. As Johnson stalked, Froch landed quick heavy hooks that stopped Johnson's foward progress.
With a minute and 45 seconds left in the round, Johnson landed a huge right to Froch's head while "The Cobra" was against the ropes. Froch kept his legs under him as he tried to fire back, drawing the proverbial line in the sand.

Froch came out in the fourth doubling up on his jab while Johnson kept stalking under his high guard defense. Froch landed shots to the body, slipping punches and finding his rhythm. Froch began to outbox the older Johnson with quick thudding counters as Johnson continued to stalk. In the fifth, Froch landed counter after counter as Johnson began to go to the champion's body. Froch landed an uppercut as Johnson leaped inside looking for more bodywork. Johnson ate a huge right hand toward the end of the round as Froch continued to outbox and outclass his opponent.

In the sixth and seventh rounds, Johnson saw his body shots paying off as Froch left his guard down and landed a huge right in the sixth that shook     Froch to his core. Froch ate the shot and began to fire back, landing quick combo's showing off his bravado. Johnson continued to land hard looping rights while Froch answered back every shot with furious combos. During the eighth round , Johnson landed a murderous right hand followed by two left hooks. Froch came back with thudding combos but it seemed the old man stole the round.

In the ninth Johnson began to slow down while Froch let his hands go with punches in bunches. Froch controlled the ring with multiple angles combined with stinging straight rights. Johnson had one big punch left in him which he saved for the tenth round but Froch shrugged it off his iron chin , landing five to six punch combinations. Froch  took the fight after winning the championship rounds by outworking the older Johnson who is known for his incredible durability and work rate.

With this victory, Carl Froch will now take on the hard-nosed tournament favorite Andre Ward in the finals of the seemingly endless SuperSix World Boxing Classic.
The tournament, which has been plagued with fighters dropping out due to injury or personal reasons, will finally come to end when the only two original fighters left from the start  lock horns.  A win for either man could launch their respective careers into immediate superstar status. The boxing world will be watching.


Photo Courtesy of: ASSOCIATED PRESS