Kessler vs. Bouadla Recap

Kessler's comeback puts him back on track.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Former Super MiddleWeight title holder Mikkel Kessler made his in-ring return on Saturday against a very game opponent in the form of  Mehdi Bouadla.  "The Viking Warrior" was forced to withdraw from Showtime's Super Six Tournament last year after suffering an eye injury when he defeated Carl Froch in April.

Kessler started off the first round shooting his jab to the head and body while Bouadla came forward behind his own jab. Kessler looked freshly aggressive against his smaller opponent landing body shots and stiff jabs as the round continued. In the second, Kessler  landed hard hooks with both hands to the head of Bouadla. As Bouadla put his hands up to protect against the hooks, Kessler shot hard body shots that visibly shook Bouadla.

The third round proved to be the most telling of the fight as Kessler landed a huge counter looping right that put Bouadla down one minute into the round.  Bouadla, still very much hurt, spit out his mouthpiece to buy more time. The ref was apparently having none of that as he took a point away from Bouadla. Kessler rushed his opponent with huge hooks to try and finish Bouadla however, he survived the round by effective clinching.

In the fourth Bouadla continued to receive a beating as Kessler circled and landed huge hooks and stinging jabs.  Bouadla tried to answer back but just couldn't find his target. With 15 seconds left in the round , Kessler landing a gorgeous right that sent Bouadla back to the canvas. Bouadla got up and wobbled his way back to his corner to prepare for the next round. In the fifth Bouadla showed impressive will as he  began to come forward behind his jab , landing clean shots to Kessler's face. As the action continued Kessler once again began to lay a beating on his rival, landing many left hooks and huge rights that kept Bouadla at bay. It appeared that Kessler dropped Bouadla again after another counter but the ref ruled it a slip.

The sixth round was the beginning of the end for Bouadla as Kessler landed clean shots at will, punishing his opponent. Kessler landed huge right hooks behind his stiff jab. With a minute left in the round Kessler landed a fury that ended with a huge left hook that dropped Bouadla for the third time. When Bouadla got to his face, Kessler landed a quick combo to the body that ended Bouadla's night as the ref called it.

Mikkel Kessler looked incredibly sharp in his comeback fight after a thirteen month layoff. Whispers of a showdown between Kessler and Super Middleweight elitist Lucian Bute are picking up steam as both men are signed to contracts with Showtime. If this bout is made . I smell a war brewing.


Photo Courtesy of: ASSOCIATED PRESS