Matt Smith Signs On For Another Season of ‘Doctor Who’

The Eleventh Doctor will return next year for the seventh season of the BBC series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

While fans in the United States are gearing up for the mind-blowing mid-season finale of "Doctor Who" this weekend, they can at least breath a certain sigh of relief. Matt Smith is staying on the show for at least another season.

The news was broken on Twitter by BBC's Sam Hodges; which was quickly confirmed by "Doctor Who" executive producer and showrunner, Steven Moffat on his Twitter account

"14 eps + Matt [Smith] DEFINITELY. I've got a plan and I'm NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS. Now hush or River shoots you with her Spoiler Gun."

Moffat later clarified that the 14 episode renewal includes a full season of 13 episodes and the annual "Doctor Who" Christmas special. At three seasons, Smith will come close to matching David Tennant's run as the Doctor. And if Smith signs on for a fourth season as the Doctor next year, his tenure would continue into the 50th Anniversary of "Doctor Who" in 2013.


POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON! If you want to remain surprised, stop reading now!


Without blurting out the events of "A Good Man Goes To War," the progression of the storyline this season certainly suggests that Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvil) might depart the series this year. Additionally, Darvil has been signed to portray Doctor Faustus at Shakespeare's Old Globe theater in England.

And during a recent interview with The London Evening Standard, Darvil stated "Getting a part like Rory was great, but now, coming out of it, I need to go and do something completely different."
Of course, the series could potentially write out Rory for a few episodes and keep Amy. But since the "Doctor Who" reboot, no companion has lasted longer than two seasons. And it may simply be the natural time to let the Ponds go.

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