Early ‘Avengers’ Poster! First Look at Hawkeye!

For once, The Avengers movie doesn't look so hot.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The Licensing International Expo doesn't sound like a particularly fun place to visit, but if you were there you'd have got a sneak peak at The Avengers movie everybody's talking about. The rest of us have to settle for this second peek, which is a shot of the early promo poster a fan of Latino Review took and sent over to them. Pity it doesn't look very good.

Oh yes, the quality of the photograph is teensy bit out of focus, but we're talking about the poster itself now. Possibly early artwork designed more for internal consumption than for the public at large, this is the kind of generic artwork that would normally grace a Marvel Age comic book rather than an A-List title. It's a shot of The Avengers, sure, but they're just striking a pose against a ho-hum skyline. 

What this does show us for the first time is Hawkeye's costume, which sadly adheres to his boring, 'hip' Ultimate Avengers look rather than his classic, beautifully designed original costume. A little garish perhaps, but that slightly flamboyant look fit Clint Barton's dashing personality. Now he just looks like yet another in a long line of 'badasses.'

Not terribly encouraging news, but news nonetheless. Check out the poster below.