NerdNet: World Wrestling Lantern Corps

The WWE is getting in on the Green Lantern hype by casting their Superstars as members of the various Lantern Corps.  Nerdy fun!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

WWE Lanterns

Did you ever think about which color of the emotional spectrum of power your favorite WWE Superstar would represent if they were in the DC Universe as ring-slingers?  Neither did we, but the fine folks over at sure did, and gave us a handy and fancy visual representation of who'd be what and why, giving them a handy tie-in for the hype machine surrounding the Green Lantern movie. 

Here are a couple of examples right here, starting with comic-book veteran the Undertaker, but you'll have to go to yourself to see the whole deal.  Ain't this some nerdy fun? 


WWE Lanterns


WWE Lanterns


Also, for you young'uns, this isn't the first time that the WWE and the Green Lantern Corps have merged for some fun.  You must remember Gregory Helms, right?  Or perhaps you know him by his superheroic identity, inspired by his Green Lantern tattoo. 

Stand back!  There's a Hurricane coming through!