Can ‘Stargate Universe’ Be Saved?

50,000 fans on Facebook unite to bring back the prematurely cancelled series. But can "SGU" really rise again?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Back in December, Syfy dealt sci-fi and "Stargate" fans a stunning blow when it cancelled "Stargate Universe" in the middle of its second season several months before the final 10 episodes were set to air.

While we've spoken out at length about that terrible decision both in reviews and in our TV podcast, The Idiot Box; some enterprising fans on Facebook have joined together as a coalition to bring "SGU" back to TV. And so far, there are over 50,000 fans and counting on the "Save Stargate Universe" page on Facebook.

The group's founder, "TheDudeDean" was interviewed by Forbes this week, where he laid out his rather ambitious hopes for the franchise.

"If any network (preferably not in the NBCU/Comcast Empire) would pick it up that would be great.  We’ve also noticed that Netflix is getting into producing its own content.  There are also several networks in the UK that 'SGU' would be perfect for.  We just want the show and the franchise to continue!"

"TheDudeDean" also addressed the argument that Syfy's Craig Engler laid out, in which he essentially said that "Stargate Universe" underperformed compared to its predecessors and it didn't get the ratings it needed for a renewal. However, "Stargate Universe" executive producer, Joseph Mallozzi had previously written a rebuttal to Engler's piece and reiterated that comparisons to the performances of earlier "Stargate" series wasn't a fair assessment; given how "SGU" was moved from Fridays to Monday nights in the fall… against original programming from the broadcast networks.

Believe me, there's a lot of blame to be passed around for the premature ending for "Stargate Universe." And as much as I loved the series, one thing is abundantly clear: it isn't coming back as a TV show.

There was a window of opportunity when "SGU" could have continued, but that time has passed. Several key members of the cast have moved on to other projects, including Robert Carlyle. Additionally, most of the creative team is also either employed or looking for new gigs and the long standing sets and production space have been struck. If "Stargate Universe" were to get revived as a weekly TV series, the entire show would practically have to be recreated from scratch.

It's not inconceivable that another network would give "SGU" a shot, but the amount of money it would take to get it up and running again makes that scenario a lot less likely.

Which isn't to say that it's impossible to bring "Stargate Universe" back in a different form. Although the potential follow up movies on DVD also appear to be currently in limbo, that would probably be the best way to give fans what they want and allow the creators to wrap up their storylines.

The "Save Stargate Universe" Facebook page could potentially play a big role in making that happen. Nothing is going to change overnight, but no one is going to want to revisit "Stargate Universe" unless they're convinced that there's money to be made and that the fans will support it. Frankly, this is something that the franchise badly needs at the moment.

"For those who might say that this is a lost cause, we say this. We will continue to fight for Stargate Universe, the Stargate franchise, and Science Fiction until things change," stated "TheDudeDean." "There is always hope. There is always a way… We encourage all Stargate fans and science fiction fans to hang in there with us. There is nothing we cannot do if we stand together.