Top In-Car Sound Sytems

5 audio systems that may improve drive quality.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

A sound system can turn a clunker into a winner. Whether they come included or as an option, these sound systems have generated media acclaim for its range, hard drive capacity, set up, and fresh sound.

Here are 5 sound systems and their owners worth considering.

Audi A8 – Bang & Olufsen – The super luxury Audi A8 holds the $6000 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. With a 12 inch subwoofer, these lens speakers lie on top of the dash and move to the music for almost 2000 watts of pure sound. The sound system has three modes, which balances sound optimally depending on where passengers are seated.

Mercedes Benz CL-Class – Harmon/Kardon LOGIC7 – This 600-watt, 12 speaker digital surround sound system is fit for a $100,000 car, with its sound engineers performing years of research before each release determining the ideal placement of loudspeakers in accordance with the car's dimensions to produce the ultimate surround sound. What's more, LOGIC7 offers speed sensitive volume adjustment that automatically balances volume depending on how fast you are going.

Cadillac CTS – Bose 5.1 – Its standard 40GB hard drive stereo plays music using the 5.1. With 10 speakers, a top feature is its audio pilot technology which checks for noise levels to adjust level and equalization of sound. This is not to be mistaken for a noise cancellation system but a volume changer with noise increase.

Lexus LS – Mark Levinson Audio – Lexus LS and its 8GB hard drive, albeit low, compensates with this amazing sound system with its 20 to 20,000 Hz range of sound. It comes with 19 speakers pumping out 450 watts.

Lincoln MKX – THX II – Lincoln, renowned for its quiet cabins, comes with the optional THX II that dishes out 600 watts through 14 speakers. It is special in that sound is emitted through narrow slots (in lieu of standard circular speakers) for wider distribution of sound, all while saving space.