This Week In Tweets – Vol. 10

It's time for this week's, Celebrity Tweet Update!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

This week; Hugh Hefner’s SHOCKING split with Crystal, Katy Perry gets deep with Rebecca Black and Conan defeats Jay Leno using his mighty cheese.


‘Lucky You’ seems more apt. Bitter and jealous? Me? Never.


I’m still baffled as to how people allow this to happen. Who downloads porn? Just watch the 5 minute samples on Pornhub for God sake. If you want to watch feature length porn with shitty storylines and poor acting then just rent Transformers 2 on Netflix. Idiots.


If you had kids, R. Kelly would want their numbers.


Well y’know what they say; being deemed suitable wanking material is the sincerest form of flattery.


HAHAHAHAHA! Wait – what?


Reason to exterminate the Kardashians #217


Yeah, take that, Leno. You keep your buxom reality TV stars and second-rate jokes; CONAN’S GOT EDAM MOTHERF***ER.


Oh look, another Inception joke. They’re just as funny as they were a year ago.


Contrary to what Selena Gomez says, if you are one of those responsible for making ‘Who Says’ go Platinum, then you have absolutely no right to lead a beautiful life. I’m sorry you’ve been mislead in such a way.


True, but at least it answers life’s big questions;



Ladies and gentlemen, this is a sad day for us all. May the memory of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris’ short-lived romance never be tarnished by the slanderous comments made in her inevitable ghost-written autobiography, and may Hugh continue to lead a quiet life in his mansion in Beverly Hills, finding solace in the myriad of beautiful girls he still has at his disposal, that will continue to grasp his withered todger for the sake of a Playboy centre-fold.