Rumor Suggests Grand Theft Auto V “Pretty Likely” for 2012

Rockstar is supposedly well into development...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Grand Theft Auto V

GameSpot reportedly has sources close to Rockstar Games that have indicated that the team is well into the development cycle for the fifth full entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA V, if these rumors are to be believed, is "pretty likely" on track for release in 2012.

Shocker: Rockstar is probably working on the next title in their titanically popular series. Obviously, the real news here is that the game could already be as close as it is to finished and we've yet to hear official word from the talent. As GameSpot's source indicates, the team is already done with the heavy lifting in their process. At this point they're adding mini-games and polish.

The only other tangible these supposed sources gave for Grand Theft Auto V concerns its massive scale: "It's the big one," they told GameSpot. GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption were big. If GTA V is actually "the big one," we're both in love and completely terrified all at once.

Grand Theft Auto V will be with us in just a matter of time, we're convinced. If these bits are true and 2012 holds our next visit to that zany world, we're psyched.