NFL Getting Closer To Agreement?

Is there still a chance to save football...

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Let me start out by saying that yes Virginia, there is going to be football this year…I guarantee it. OK, I'm not blessed with insider knowledge or have an ear into the psyches of everyone involved but simple deductive logic says that their has to be an agreement in place before the beginning of August.

Why before then, you may ask?

Because simply, the NFL doesn't want this stretching into the time when football would be on tv. You see, right now, this whole CBA thing is still on the outskirts of the majority of NFL fans, it isn't real to them, so the league has avoided a major PR hit so far. But if this extends into preseason and people have no games to switch on come August, then the beast will awaken and football will see the results of their petty bickering come to fruition….much akin to Frankenstein and the angry mob.

So that leaves but one choice, get this done and get it done soon.

To that end, the two sides have been making significant progress these past few weeks. They have managed to hammer out a few of the finer details, including an unofficial timeline as to how events such as training camp and free agency would play out if there is an agreement on the more significant elements of the deal.

The key element to the progress of this new CBA is both sides willingness, even eagerness, to get a deal in place. They have put the posturing aside and are really working to get this thing done. The latest meeting is happening today as the owners are getting together to go over where this potential agreement is progressing to.

 "This is strictly informational. There is nothing to vote on," a source told ESPN. "We want the clubs to get a good feel of where this agreement is headed,"

Also according to this mysterious source of ESPN's, another round of negotiations is scheduled for Thursday or Friday of this week.

While, again, nothing is definite, it does look good for the NFL getting back on track before training camps are scheduled to open next month. I, for one, can't wait for at least some certainty from one of my favorite sports to watch.