Cavs Watch: Draft Special

Listing the top players in Cleveland's headlights.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the NBA Draft set to tip off this Thursday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers are set to be this years movers and shakers. Armed with the first and fourth picks in the draft, along with enough tradeable assets to either move that fourth into a third, a second or even back into the first round near the back end, the Cavs are the team to watch,

But who to take?

The Cavs have been very mum on who they are taking with their top choice, and that choice will dictate the first ten picks in the draft. Experts have been able to glean some players within their radar so lets take a look at them and weigh the good and bad.


Kyrie Irving, Duke.

Irving is the player the majority of people think the Cavaliers are going to take number 1. He is a pure point guard who excelled in his freshman year, though his playing time was limited by a serious turf toe imjury. Irving has been compared to Chris Paul and if that's the case, expect coach Byron Scott to jump on him. Scott loves point guards and his previous successful coaching stints have been mainly focused around young all-star points.

The only possible knock on Irving is his health. Is he injury prone or was the turf toe thing a one and done? That's the magical franchise question and one Cleveland is pondering right now.


Derrick Williams, Arizona

Williams is the other player on the Cavaliers radar when it comes to number 1 picks. He is a potential high scoring machine that could fit into their small forward need right off. He is talented, good sized (6-8) and is the most NBA ready player in this draft. It's a testament to his skills that the Cavs are keeping him an option as the number 1.

Williams down side is that teams don't really know if he is athletic enough to play as small forward. He has the shooting touch but can he guard on the wing? That question may hold off Cleveland from taking him 1 overall but don't think they wouldn't skarf him up if they can after they pick Irving.


Ernes Kanter, Kansas

The darkhorse for the number 1 is Kanter. A very talented big, Kanter had an NBA ready body with the skills to pass it up. He has impressed in workouts and limited playing time, enough that teams are keeping a close eye on where he'll land. Realistically, he is a fall back second pick for the Cavs if they can't land both Williams and Irving.

The knock on Kanter is his overall body of work, or lack there of. He was ruled ineligible last college season so the opportunities to see him in action have been rare.


Final thoughts

Nothing is set in stone when you are talking drafts. Every time you think you have a handle on what is going down, something happens that shakes up your thoughts. That being said, I wouldn't be shocked if two of the above three players are a Cleveland Cavalier after Thursday night.

So, who would you pick?