Draft Night Leaves Bad Taste For Cavs Fans

The Cavaliers drop the ball on draft night.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

When I woke up yesterday morning, I was filled with the excitement and anticipation of positive change because my team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, held 2 of the first four picks and was reportedly going to add MORE first rounders through trades! All through the day I eagerly waited for the draft to start and for my boys Chris Grant and Dan Gilbert to cornhole the rest of the NBA and walk out of the draft with a team ready to contend in the East.

Then, like all good things to those that wait, the draft began.

The Cavaliers, selecting first overall, kept my faith intact with the choice of Kyrie Irving from Duke. This is the guy they are going to rebuild around and this is the guy I wanted them to pick. The feeling of contentment washed over me and for one moment, peace centered around my soul.

Shame it wasn't to last.

Derrick Williams went second to the T-Wolves, no big shocker there, though I held out an unreasonable hope that the ineffectiveness of Minnesota's front office would make them pick up someone with 'potential' that plays overseas, thus possibly allowing Williams to drop past them AND the Jazz at #3 so  Cleveland could scarf them up at #4. Wishful thinking, I know. Kudos to the T-Wolves for not taking a point guard here and further frustrating their fan base.

Then came the third pick of the draft and my night of happy feeling were over. The Utah Jazz took center Enes Kanter. Kanter was my second favorite player in this draft and I think he's going to be huge. Sure, between him and Williams, I probably would go Williams just because he would have fit a bigger hole for the Cavs at small forward but I really think Kanter has far more upside.

So, with both Williams and Kanter gone and the Cavs up to bat at #4. I resigned myself to another overseas project with 'potential' to be picked up, Jonas Valancinus. Sure, we'd have to wait a year to get him but this is a 'potential' future franchise center here so I'm willing to wait a year to get him.

Wait, we drafted Tristan Thompson?!?!


That was the sound of my balloon of hope bursting for a night that would forever change the Cavs franchise. Tristan Thompson at #4, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Nothing against Thompson as a person but he's a FREAKING POWER FORWARD!!! If you were to pick one position before the draft that the Cavaliers DIDN'T need to fill, then power forward was it. You have a potential stud in J.J. Hickson and another fine young PF in Samardo Samuels. Plus, oh about another five of them on your roster with potential!


It could be said that sometimes pieces of a puzzle doesn't make sense until the whole thing is revealed and this may be one of those things but, wow, I don't see how this is going to work out.

After the deflating of my balloon of hope, the draft became a blur of picks featuring guys named Jimmer, Morris (twice!) and Walker. As each pick flowed by, my balloon would get a small breath of air as I hoped Cleveland would trade back into the first round only to dwindle back to flaccidity afterwords (and yes, I know they have pills for that).

Then came pick #32 and the Cavaliers were back up to bat. I wasn't expecting much here but this is basically a late first rounder so there are still talent available. Maybe someone like a Kyle Singler or a Tyler Honeycut could be had here and I could feel a little better about that #4 pick. But even that small hope was dashed as they picked up another power forward in Justin Harper and then sent him to Orlando for 2 future second round picks.

At this point, my faith in Cleveland's front office had completely vanished and practically nothing could be done to salvage my draft night. This feeling was rewarded yet again when they threw away their second pick of the second round on a (wait for it) power forward who plays overseas and probably will never even sniff at the NBA.

So, in conclusion, the Cleveland Cavaliers who entered the night with needs at practically every position BUT power forward decided to draft one potentially great point guard and three power forwards (trading one). I'm baffled, frustrated and flabbergasted at the result of this draft and even a day later I have no answers.

But I'm telling you right now, Kyrie Irving better be damn good.