‘Green Lantern’ Sequel Gets the Green Light

Despite disappointing box office numbers and mediocre audience reaction, Green Lantern 2 is happening.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Green Lantern, considered by many to be a disappointment on one level or another, was not guaranteed to get a sequel. It's been out for two weeks and hasn't cracked $120 million internationally yet, and was an awkward-at-best introduction to the sweeping fictional universe of the DC comic book series. Well, Warner Bros. hasn't given up on the franchise yet, seeing just enough audience interest to pursue a sequel, according to Hollywood Reporter.

We took a harsh look at Green Lantern's problems in last week's installment of We Can Fix It, and while we found plenty to criticize about this first outing there's no denying that the stage has been set, albeit imperfectly, for a more focused sequel that actually does the source material proud. Maybe hire fewer screenwriters next time, and place greater emphasis on the legendary aspects of the story rather than a scattershot fly-by of all plot points and exposition that newcomers need to follow along.

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