Review: Incredible Hulks #631

Absolute smash-crazy mayhem is all this issue is about, as a horde of Hulk's enemies appear to wreak havoc in Las Vegas.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Incredible Hulks 631

If there's anyone out there who's been complaining about too much interpersonal drama and not enough SMASH in Greg Pak's Incredible Hulks can just pick up #631 and get wall-to-wall smashing mayhem.  Seriously, it's nothing but big burly Hulk baddies wreaking havoc in Las Vegas.

Ostensibly, there's an underlying plot here that involves Betty Ross, aka the Red She-Hulk, making some mysterious wish in the mystic/science "wishing well" created by blending Tyrannus' fountain of youth with Monica Rappacini's A.I.M. techno-garble that's made things nutty, and people being able to make whatever wish they want when splashed with the water from said well, but that's just an excuse to make the insane action even more insane.  If you want more on that, check last issue's review.  This here is just monster fights, and oh what messy monster fights they are.


  • Tears some skin off of Fin Fang Foom with his teeth
  • Splashes wish-giving water all over his enemies
  • Accidentally makes Wendigo and the Bi-Beast grow to super giant sizes
  • Smashes Giant Wendigo through an Avengers-themed casino complete with slutty Scarlet Witch-garbed strippers
  • Swings Giant Wendigo around by his tail to smash him into Bi-Beast
  • Stuffs Giant Wendigo's tail into both of Giant Bi-Beast's mouths and then stomps on the upper Skull-Brother's head to make him chomp said tail, thus pitting Giant Wendigo against Giant Bi-Beast.
  • Dives cackling off the faux-Avengers Tower to catapult the two behemoths off into the sky
  • Saves hordes of tourists from a massive falling chunk of the Vegas strip
  • Gets thanked by President Obama for saving the country three times in three months, and responds with "What the hell do you want?"
  • Completely forgets about She-Hulk and Rick "A-Bomb" Jones getting their butts handed to them by Arm'Chedon of the Troyjan.  Oh, and Umar is running around somewhere, too. 


This, my friends, is Hulk Smash writ large.  And it's a blast to read – and any comic book that features the Bi-Beast automatically gets a thumbs-up from me.  Personal bias freely admitted right there.

There is actually some foreshadowing of the impending return of the Savage Hulk in Pak's Heart of the Monster swan song, as the Green Goliath is repeatedly refusing to let Bruce Banner out, despite Amadeus Cho pleading for him to get some help in figuring out how to end this wishing-well malarkey.  For the most part, though, this is just packed to the gills with chaos, carnage and calamity, and it seems to be exactly what the Hulk needed after watching his ex-wife run off with one of his archenemies.

And maybe that's what Betty wished for after all.