This Week In Tweets Vol. 11: The Ryan Dunn Episode

The best way to deal with loss is to laugh.  Enjoy.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Wow. What a crying shame. But why on Earth was his car going at such a speed to propel him that far in the first place?

Oh. I see.


A fair comment; drink driving is a mind-numbingly idiotic thing to do, and it is lucky that driving at such speeds under the influence didn’t result in MORE deaths. I can’t see how anyone could dispute the logic of this tweet.


Well this is awkward.


Right, this is getting far too uncomfortable for my liking. I’m just about done with this –

– Woah, hold on a sec; Roger Ebert is seeking validation from Perez Hilton readers?! PEREZ HILTON READERS?!?!?! SOMEONE BRING IN KE$HA QUICK I NEED SOMEONE TO SHOUT AT.


Thank God. KE$HA YOU ****ING *****Y ***T!


Couldn’t agree with you more, Dark Lord. Speaking of Harry Potter, the highly anticipated ‘Pottermore’ online experience thingamajig was unveiled. Which would’ve been a terribly exciting announcement, had anyone actually had a clue what the bloody hell it was.


Allow me to be the one who clears this up for you; Pottermore is an incredibly vague “online experience” (such as the online experience you are experiencing right now just by reading this paragraph) that will allow you to purchase the books you already own but in a digital format, and discuss said e-books with a bunch of equally underwhelmed fans who are trying desperately hard to refrain from walking into Barnes & Noble and picking up a copy of New Moon. Oh, and you’ll also learn some more facts about Hufflepuff too, apparently. Lucky you.


And now, an uplifting message from Sean “P. Diddy” Combs:

I recognise this from somewhere. Let me just do a quick Google search to find out who Diddy is quoting…