Tom Hanks Confirms ‘Toy Story 4’

With Cars 2 tearing up the box office, Pixar seems committed to more sequels.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Yes, it seems that Tom Hanks – an American institution unto himself – has recently revealed plans for yet another Toy Story movie. Pixar fans were no doubt elated by the Toy Story short that preceded Cars 2 this past weekend, and for a while it seemed like short films were the inevitable destination of everyone's favorite playthings. But with the enormous financial and critical success of Toy Story 3, and the film's ending (which leaves room for more adventures) perhaps Toy Story 4 was inevitable.

Hanks revealed that Pixar is currently working on the fourth Toy Story movie in a recent interview on BBC's Breakfast Show. He refrained from going into any details, and it's entirely possible that the Disney marketing octopus will unleash its tentacles in the near future to either deny the report or at least give the fabled "No Comment" comment. It's certainly too early to discuss it further. Near as we can tell, Ain't It Cool had the story online first.

The real question is where the Toy story can go after the last movie, which dealt with issues relating to retirement, death and rebirth. Seemed like a logical ending for the franchise to us.

Crave Online will be back with more Toy Story 4 news after playtime.