Anna Torv and Jeff Pinkner Tease ‘Fringe’ Season 4

The star and executive producer of the critically acclaimed Fox series offer up some hints about Peter's fate and the future of two worlds.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

At the end of the third season of "Fringe," the two warring universes were brought together by Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson),  an act which seemed to erase him from existence. And although it's known that Jackson remains under contract for the upcoming fourth season, the ultimate fate of his character is still a mystery.

During the Saturn Awards, Fearnet spoke with "Fringe" executive producer Jeff Pinkner and asked how the team can save someone they don't even remember. Pinkner replied "The question, I think, is, 'Do we bring him back? What are the consequences?' Peter made this heroic choice. He recognized that, in the future, if things continue the way things are going, the love of his life, Olivia, would die. Understanding the consequences, he decided to bring these two universes together in order to save her. As a consequence, he doesn't exist anymore! So really, the question is, 'What does their life look like in his absence?'"

"I'm interested in what is going to happen, and who the characters will become," added "Fringe" star Anna Torv in a separate Fearnet interview. " If you take a person out of existence, and all those tiny things that happened because that person was around… I think it will be interesting to see who these people are. I'm quite excited about it, actually. I want to see how much of Olivia's turmoil and sadness is connected to Peter, or things that have happened with him around — are those things gone? Is there room, perhaps, for her to unbutton her coat a little bit?"

Torv's FBI Agent Olivia Dunham is somewhat notoriously morose at times; which Torv indicated that she would like to change.

"I am interested to see what parts of her personality are connected to the things that have happened over the last few years, specifically with Peter," noted Torv. "If he isn't there, is there room for a different take on her? Not an alternate version of Olivia, just a different take. Is she softer or is she harder? I am hopeful that she won't be as tormented. I think she needs a break."

Regarding rumors of a third universe being added to the story, Pinkner added "I think – as we have said – there is so much story, and this is where our characters live. I do think we will be presenting a new version [of our universe]. One of the things that is awesome about 'Fringe' is that every season, we take the same show, the same story, the same characters, and look at them from a different point of view. This season, we will certainly be doing that."

The fourth season of "Fringe" will debut on Fox on Friday, September 23, 2011.

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