Marvel Reveals “Fear Itself” Ending

Marvel just released a pair of teaser images for Fear Itself, essentially giving away the end of the story.  Spoilers within.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Fear Itself: The Worthy

Well, now we know how Fear Itself ends.

Thanks to these two new teaser images – well, just one of the two, really – we can easily surmise that Odin is going to juice up the Avengers to fight back against the Serpent's Worthy.

Here are the two images, so you can see for yourself.


Fear Itself: The Worthy


Fear Itself: The Mighty


So, it looks like we've got Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Spider-Man and probably Spider-Woman or the Black Widow and someone else – the tall woman with the big sword.  Valkyrie?  She-Hulk, maybe?  Or the Red She-Hulk, even?  Probably, if there's a Hulk to fight.  Am I brainfarting on somebody else?  Hell, it could be Sif, even. All Odin-jazzed, giving them a whole new slew of action figures and Heroclix variants to produce.  Then, big fights!

Ta-dah!  Enjoy the hammer-ganza!