Ruth Wilson in Talks for ‘Lone Ranger’ Lead

The star of BBC's Luther is in negotiations to play the love interest in Disney's next blockbuster.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The Lone Ranger really wasn't very "lone," was he? For one thing he had his faithful sidekick Tonto by his side the whole time. And for another, there's the lovely ladies… The Social Network's Armie Hammer has taken the lead in Gore Verbinski's new take on the classic western hero, and he won't be alone either. Johnny Depp is his Tonto, and now it appears that Ruth Wilson will be joining him as his love interest.

Which begs the question, "Who is Ruth Wilson?"

Good question, that. The Lone Ranger would mark Ruth Wilson's big screen debut after five years of television work, mostly for the BBC. She landed her first starring role right off the bat with 2006's Jane Eyre, directed by Generation Kill's Susanna White, and proceeded to move on to big parts in the Idris Elba series Luther and the rather unpopular AMC remake of the classic science-fiction series The Prisoner.

She is also, apropos of nothing, quite attractive.

All the news we've heard about The Lone Ranger so far has been vague at best. We know the Lone Ranger is in it, for example, as it Tonto. We now know that he has a love interest, like every other protagonist in the history of everything ever (just about, anyway). What we don't know is a single lick about the story, who his antagonist will be, or anything of that sort. Frankly, we're getting a little antsy. Casting is nice, but having some idea of where they're going with the first Lone Ranger movie since 2003's almost-completely-forgotten TV movie starring One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray. Check it out below.


Yeah… It would be nice to have some kind of reassurance for the new one. Did you hear that Guitar Hero soundtrack? Yikes. 

CRAVE Online will return with more Lone Ranger news after we hi-yo all our silver.