Who Is The New Character On ‘Fringe’?

Michelle Krusiec joins the cast in a new recurring role as John Noble drops some hints about the fourth season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

There's a new woman coming to "Fringe" next season, even though the producers have so far been extremely secretive about her.

According to TVLine, Michelle Krusiec has been signed to play a new character on a recurring basis during the fourth season of "Fringe." The secrecy around Krusiec's character has been so great that Fox has even refused to reveal her name or what role she will play within the story. Thus far, the most popular theory is that Krusiec will portray the illegitimate daughter of Walternate and his mistress from the alternate universe.

Krusiec is best known for her roles as Mei-Ling Hwa Darling on "Dirty Sexy Money" and Exquisite Woo on "Popular." Genre fans may also recall that she played a feral, older version of Molly O'Brien during the sixth season of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." Krusiec has also appeared on "ER," "Community," "Weeds," "Cold Case," "Standoff" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Meanwhile, Krusiec's new co-star, John Noble spoke with TVLine briefly about what lies ahead for his dual roles as Dr. Walter Bishop and his doppelganger, Walternate.

"It doesn't make sense for them not to [work together]," said Noble. "But it won't be easy."
Noble also kept quiet about the disappearance of his onscreen son, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), who was seemingly erased from existence at the end of the third season; potentially changing the past of the series in unexpected ways.

"All I know is that ['Fringe'] will do a reset, and that [the writers] are really excited," related Noble. "I know that they have about nine episodes in a sort of package" to begin the season.

"Fringe" will return for its fourth season this Fall on Fox. 


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