The Big List: DJ Riot! Crystal Harris! Comic-Con Sex!

Sex at Comic-Con? Sex with Hugh Hefner? Sex, sex and more (sex?) in today’s big list!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to check your Twitter feed, get a message about a free DJ show in the middle of a busy city, get super high, go to the show, find out it’s not happening, riot in the streets, return home and check out some links!


Idiot DJ Ruins Hollywood Via Twitter

DJ Kaskade tweeted that he was throwing an impromptu block party in front of Chinese Theater, and when the show didn’t go on as promised, ravers rioted. Clearly, the DJ is in the right, because anything’s legal if you announce it on Twitter first. #dumbdumbs


Crystal Harris Claims Sex With Hugh Hefner Lasted Two Minutes

I assume they were they the swankiest two minutes of her life.


The Best Comic-Con 2011 Casual Encounters Posts

Did you miss the big Comic-Con circle jerk while waiting in line to see the cast of “Glee?”


Don’t Turn These Cartoons Into Movies

Thanks, Hollywood! We appreciate it.


In Closing: The State of the Interwebs

The Oatmeal webcomic catches us up on Apple, Facebook and Facebook’s recently discovered twin brother: Google+.

That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week as the Big List continues a’listing onward!


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