5 Video Game Babes We Want to Miranda

That's right, we made the tumultuous relationship with a Mass Effect 2 character into a verb…

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Top 5 Game Babes

Miranda (verb): To want to patiently court one character for more than 25 hours of campaign. The desire to engage the character in elicit actions is so strong that players will actually shape their in-game decisions around whether or not they will work towards making sex with said character available.

Example: If it weren't for the crazy short campaign length, I would have Miranda'd Trip from Enslaved.

It's simple, really; we're going to bust out the gaming characters that we would have loved to dramatically court over the span of an entire lengthy game. Then, much like the root of the "Miranda" definition we've created, the final reward would be an epically awkward sex scene that we'd almost regret initiating as soon as it starts.

Daisy – Mario Franchise

Princess Daisy

Princess Peach is too pink. There, we said it. We're not trying to be creepy here (yes we are), but the girl-next-door charm Daisy brings to the table is undeniable. For proof that there are plenty more that agree with us, just Google Image Search "Daisy Fan Art."

Daisy, we'd Miranda you.

Alyx – Half-Life 2

Alyx - Half-Life 2

This isn't even so much an awkwardly sexual thing. Alyx from Half-Life 2, and its subsequent episodes, is awesome. She's one of the greatest female characters in video games. We'd Miranda her, straight up, to get to know her…

Damn, that's nerdy.

Elena & Chloe – Uncharted 1 & 2

Chloe and Elena - Uncharted

Simple fact: we couldn't decide. Chloe's got that stupid sexy swagger about her, while Elena seems to be the character we–ahem–Drake would grow to love. We'd Miranda both…at once!


Bonnie Macfarlane – Red Dead Redemption

Bonnie Macfarlane - Red Dead Redemption

So Marston had a wife and kid? So the point of Red Dead Redemption was to play out one man's struggle to renounce his wild ways and return to a life of good. That doesn't mean we didn't think about settling down with Bonnie Macfarlane once or twice. She was a strong, attractive woman with an attitude.

Princess Ruto – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Princess Ruto - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Think this choice is weird? Check out the search results for "Princess Ruto Cosplay."