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Flight passes = Destination hopping.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

CNN recently announced that JetBlue airlines is now offering new flight passes – the BluePass will allow for unlimited travel on flights between August 22 and November 22 from two airports, Boston's Logan International and Long Beach Airport near Los Angeles. As Marnie Hunter writes, for $1,299, travelers can fly between Long Beach and nine markets in the West, Texas and Illinois. Two options are available originating in Boston; a $1,499 pass to 13 Northeast markets or a $1,999 pass for travel from Boston to 32 cities with nonstop service and 22 connecting cities.

While flight passes have been around for some time, it's a great alternative if you not only have multiple business stops to make but if you also want to hit several cities on one vacation. Many people opt for this route in Europe, where jaunts between hotspots are speedy and eat up less sightseeing time.

Other airlines offer similar flight passes, like Air Canada, and some companies sell more comprehensive passes, such as the Star Alliance North America Pass, where Air Canada, United Airlines and US Air all participate, meaning loads of destinations at your disposal. There are also flight pass options for South and Central America, Alaska, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

And some flight passes can be extended – but for a fee, of course. However, this fee could be substantially less than rebooking a one-way or round-trip flight. Upgrades are sometimes available as well (but certain conditions may apply).

In typical air travel fashion, there are some glitches to working within the flight pass system – booking with a flight pass can be a bit more tedious so it might be easier to work with a travel agent when doing this. Also make you sure you ask about taxes and any additional charges prior to booking – these are often not included in the advertised flight pass price and could really zing you at the time of purchase.


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