Rumor Mill: DC’s New JSA Relaunch?

The JSA was reportedly being "rested" for DC's New 52 reboot... but is it possible that's only going to be a short nap?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice Society of America

There has been much dismay at the "resting" of the Justice Society of America with DC's New 52 reboot, since they're now planning their new course with Superman s the first public superhero (and Batman as an underground operative for years prior to that).  However, some scuttlebutt has recently emerged from Comic-Con among those who go barhopping with creators at Bleeding Cool, and they're suggesting that former JSA and Hawkman writer James Robinson and former Birds of Prey and Secret Six artist Nicola Scott have an upcoming project at DC, and that project is going to be handling the JSA in this brave new world.  It's strictly conjecture at this point, but it's a rumor we'd love to see come true.

Knowing what comics do, there are myriad ways in which the JSA, a massive, sprawling team of heroes active in the 1940s during World War II and containing forebears of current big-time heroes like the Flash and Green Lantern, can be presented in the post-reboot DCU.  Let's brainstorm a few ideas, shall we?


  • The Justice Society of America was a completely secret covert-ops team during World War II, and consisted of a small core of operatives, and to preserve the uniqueness of the modern-day heroes, we'll keep it confined to non-legacy cases that currently have incarnations slated for the New 52, so that leaves out Jay Garrick's Flash, Alan Scott's Green Lantern, Terry Sloane's Mr. Terrific and Dinah Drake's Black Canary, and we also know that Karen Starr is going to bop around in the modern-day, too, so that leaves out Power Girl.   So we'll use Dr. Mid-Nite Charles McNider, Hourman Rex Tyler, Sandman Wesley Dodds, Wildcat Ted Grant, Liberty Belle Libby Lawrence, Dr. Fate Kent Nelson as initial possibilities – say they're an extension of the Department of Extranormal Operations and their shadowy boss is the awesome Mr. Bones.  Thus, we get cool World War II adventures, or maybe their secret legacy has been passed on from generation to generation in secret, like the Masons or something. 
  • The JSA gets their own world, free of having to be the forerunners of the Justice League and all the modern-day rot.  They get to have continuing adventures on another Earth where they are the only heroes, and we see them either in action during World War II or in the modern day as a long-established team in a world without a Superman or a Batman, but maybe still a Wonder Woman named Hippolyta.
  • The JSA is formed in response to the advent of the Justice League, made up of more patriotic-minded heroes as a branch of the American government as opposed to the international efforts of the Justice League.
  • Hawkman gets fed up with the Justice League and breaks off from them, forming his own splinter group that eventually becomes the JSA.


There are just a few ideas on how to wedge the JSA into the DCnU, and there are probably many more ways to get this done.  Let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope they can figure out what to do with Wally West, too.