ALPHAS 1.04 ‘Rosetta’

Gary finds an unlikely kindred soul in a Red Flag operative.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'Rosetta'

Writer: Zak Penn

Director: Karen Gaviola


From inside a surveillance van, the team monitors a rogue Alpha, Milos Kosar, who works for Red Flag. Bill (Malik Yoba) leads the team as they break into the house where Kosar is hiding out. Inside, the team encounters a  catatonic young woman in a rocking chair named Anna. She appears to be autistic. Kosar and his partner are nowhere to be found.

While the team looks for clues to Red Flag's plan, Gary (Ryan Cartwright) spends time with Anna, attempting to communicate with her. He learns that Red Flag used Anna's own cryptic means of communication to encode their transmissions. Doc Rosen (David Strathairn) explains Anna's ability to understand any language  to Nina (Laura Mennell), comparing her to a virtual "Rosetta Stone." 

Gary uses Anna's tablet computer and a hair brush to communicate with her. He also sends Bill the routing number for a petroleum truck Kosar is driving. The team heads out to intercept the truck, which Kosar and his partner are driving. They stop the truck with the matching number, but it's not Kosar behind the wheel.

Anna admits to giving Gary the wrong number on the truck, but not because she works for Red Flag; rather they work for her. She tells Gary about a drug that prevents birth defects, which includes Alpha abilities. Gary tells Bill about Red Flag and Kosar's plan to take use a fuel truck to attack the pharmaceutical plant carrying the drug. 

The team makes it in the plant and Hicks (Warren Christie) uses his sharpshooting skills to take out Kosar's partner before he detonates the bomb attached to the fuel truck. However, he and Bill are unable to stop Kosar from getting under the truck and setting the bomb off. 

Dr. Rosen and Nina find Gary passed out on the floor after Anna used her Alpha ability to overwhelm him with signals. Back home, he gets a message from Anna, hoping they can still be friends. 

At the office, Rosen expresses his conflicting feelings about the attack on the drug company and clues Agent Sullivan (Valerie Cruz) in to Red Flag's vast network, one they may have vastly underestimated. 


Red Flag is back and we've gained some insight into their agenda; oppose all those who oppose Alphas. A simple enough mandate but one that presents a conflict of interest to Doc Rosen and his own Alpha brood, as we saw in the final moments of "Rosetta."

Now that "Alphas" has had a few episodes to establish itself, this fourth hour was a fine spot to revisit the Red Flag story arc. The rabid Alpha of the week storyline is already starting to feel stale, but the prominence of the "evil Alpha empire," as revealed by Gary, could mean things will begin to get interesting.

On that note, here's a whacko theory for you: Is Rosen Gary's father? His scene with Gary's mom seemed to point in that direction…

While the storyline may still be a bit thin, in terms of geek appeal, "Alphas" scores high. The spotlight was on Gary this week, the most three-dimensional of all the characters and gifted with a fascinating Alpha ability.  His connection with fellow autistic Alpha, Anna will surely be revisited as the Red Flag saga unfolds. And as Gary matures and grows (as we saw in this episode) it could be these two Alphas who lead their respective factions in the war over the future of mother nature's wondrous yet horrifying genetic anomaly. 

Crave Online Rating: 9 out of 10.